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Melon jam with peaches and cashews

Melon jam with peaches and cashews

I peeled the watermelon and cut it into quite small cubes. I washed the peaches with a toothbrush, so that there were no traces of down, and I cut them into thin slices. I put the fruit in a thick-bottomed pot, added sugar, grated ginger and lemon juice.

Put everything on low heat and stir from time to time.

Let it simmer until it drops and it has consistent waters that we want.

I boiled it for about 40 minutes, but that depends on the amount of fruit you have.

10 minutes before stopping the jam from boiling, I added the coarsely chopped cashews.

We put the jam in the sterilized and dry jars, we screw the lid very well and we leave the jars to cool wrapped in a blanket.

Keep the jams in a dark and cool place, preferably. From the given quantities I got 3 jars of 370ml.

Watermelon lemonade with maple syrup, without fresh, invigorating and healthy melon syrups

Have you tried a different lemonade? Watermelon for example? But not made from syrups or flavors but from fresh melon, lemon and maple syrup? Here is a different recipe for lemonade with melon, slightly creamy and refreshing. It is seasonal from only 5 ingredients and can be made with apricots, peaches, melon or any other seasonal fruit.
Watermelon lemonade with maple syrup, without fresh melon syrups, invigorating and healthy ideal for hot summer days.


  • 1 kg of peeled watermelon and seeds
  • 250 ml of cold water
  • 50 ml maple syrup
  • 1-2 lemons depending on how sour you like
  • A handful of mint leaves

Step by step method

We cut the pieces of watermelon into cubes and put them in a bowl next to the juice of half a lemon and the maple syrup, and with the help of a blender we pass them, add water and mix until we obtain a creamy and fine liquid.

We pass everything through a sieve and put it in the fridge for 2 hours.

Remove from the fridge, add more maple syrup if needed, mint and ice cubes. I made you want it, didn't I ?! Simple and fast. Good job and good appetite!

Melon jam

1. Peel and seed the melon and place the diced kernels in a bowl. Put the peeled kernels and core from the shells in a well-tied gauze and drain the juice over the watermelon cubes.

2. Put on low heat the melon core and the gauze bag (suspended by a spoonful tail placed above the pan) and let it boil for an hour - an hour and a half, until the melon becomes soft and transparent.

3. During this time, wash the lemons, grate the peel and squeeze the juice. Take the bag out of the gauze, wait a few minutes and squeeze it again.

4. Add the lemon juice, peeled peel and sugar and put on the fire again for 30 minutes, stirring constantly so that it does not stick.

5. Add the ginger and cook for another 20 minutes. Put the hot melon jam in washed and dried jars, seal them and turn them upside down. Cover with a blanket and allow to cool.

6. Watermelon jam is delicious to serve in the cold season, and once you have opened a jar, keep it in the refrigerator.

Melon core jam & # 8211 watermelon, watermelon or watermelon

Melon core jam & # 8211 watermelon, watermelon or watermelon. Homemade natural jam, without preservatives, prepared from melon core. How to make watermelon jam? How much sugar is added to the jam? How and how much does the jam boil?

In our country, watermelon with red core is called watermelon, regionally watermelon. There are also watermelon producers in the Arad area, for example in Felnac or Socodor and on both sides of the border with Hungary. In Moldova this watermelon is called harbuz or harbuzoaică, in Transylvania it is also called rainbow.

I prefer to buy watermelon from local producers, especially since this year the production is early and generous. Melons are juicy and very very sweet, with a thin skin.

Just yesterday I visited a local produce fair and left with lots of vegetable and fruit nets: peaches, watermelon, tomatoes, melon, eggplant, corn for cooking, even with a jar of honey. I was with 10 nets in my hand, with the child's scooter and the child on the other side. I barely got to the car but it was worth the effort.

I haven't eaten such good fruit in a long time. I took advantage of them and made a small portion of watermelon jam at the request of the junior.

I don't throw away watermelon peels! From them I make jam after this recipe.

Melon peel jam

And from watermelon (cantaloupe) you can make an extremely aromatic jam & # 8211 with melon pieces and fragrant amber syrup & # 8211 see the recipe here.

From the quantities below it results approx. 4 jars of 200 ml of melon core jam. Because the melon is sweet, I did not put 1 kg of sugar per 1 kg of melon but only 750 g.

What do we need for the melon mousse recipe?

-250 g of melon

-300 g whipped cream

-3 tablespoons sugar (honey, sweetener-to taste)

-15 g of gelatine

How to prepare melon mousse recipe?

Cut the melon into cubes, then lightly crush it with a fork (I like some pieces to remain) and then add the whipped cream and dissolved gelatin. The gelatin is prepared as follows: it is hydrated with water or milk to cover it, it is left to swell for 15 minutes, then it is put on the fire and chewed in one, until it dissolves.

CAREFUL. It should not boil, just dissolve easily.

Mix everything lightly and ready the mousse.

Fill cakes, cakes, tarts or put in glasses and serve as such.

Let cool for at least 4 hours, then serve.

For the mousse to be fluffy, there are some secrets- whipped cream must be very well beaten. (see here how to make the perfect cream).

-gelatin should not be hot but very little warm and first mix in yogurt and crushed fruits.

-mix everything lightly, from bottom to top, so that the pandispan does not leave.

A trick: this mousse comes out much finer if it is sweetened with honey. For keto, low carb or other diets that do not allow sugar or honey, it can be sweetened with sweetener.

Cheerful tips for warm days

There are a few more summer days. And because in Râureni we have little cool tricks for a lovely summer, today we thought of sharing some of them with you. Here is a list of cheerful tips to use on the hottest summer days:

Enjoy the playful fruits to the fullest

Because summer pampers you with a wide variety of fruits, even the most capricious tastes will enjoy the freshness and good taste of fruit. From watermelon or melon, pears, apples, peaches or apricots, the fruits will give you the energy and hydration you need for a hot day. Play with the craziest combinations and refresh your mornings with slices of cool fruit. You can combine them, to get the most aromatic tastes, but also bowls full of joy.

Rich in vitamins and with a high water content, the fruits will give you an oasis of coolness when the sun burns hotter in the sky. Regardless of the time of day, you will always find a good opportunity to indulge in the coolness of the fruit.

With us in Râureni, apples are our pampering and we enjoy them all summer long. A sweet and sour apple will cheer you up immediately and make your day more lovable.

Play with the vegetable-rich menus

Tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms or cucumbers. When they are fresh, the vegetables will give you their best, pampering you with their properties. Perfect not only for cooling off on hot summer days, but also for health, they are known for their high content of vitamins and minerals. Consumed as such or in salads, they will provide you with the necessary hydration for the hot summer days.

Of all, our favorite is the cucumber. Rich in vitamins, it can be eaten in sandwiches or in the preparation of the most delicious salads. The good taste of the vegetable will not only cool you, but will make you feel good.

Quickly prepare natural juices

In fresh fruit, natural juices are the perfect choice when you want to enjoy a few moments of coolness. Prepared early in the morning or at noon, when the sun is more drowsy, natural drinks will refresh you, cool you and pamper you with the delicious taste of freshly picked fruit. Refrigerate everything for intense coolness or add a few ice cubes when serving.

Our favorite this season is lemonade made from a mixture of watermelon and apricot. In addition to the delicious and aromatic taste, the drink will surprise you and give you the energy you need all day.

Before serving, cut a few cubes of watermelon and add them to the glass, along with ice. You will get an authentic melon taste, complemented by the apricot flavor.

Pickles, preserves, jams, jams

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Cheese paste with garlic

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Meatballs with onion and tomato sauce

Ingredients meatballs with onion and tomato sauce 500 g.

Summer salad with chicken, quail eggs and sauce.

I called it & # 8222Summer Salad & # 8221, because it's kind of.

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Melon jam

If here I showed you how to do it melon jam, obviously could not miss a recipe for melon jam. It is their season of juicy and fragrant melons, so we can enjoy their aroma for the rest of the year, in the form of jam.

As you know, there are several varieties of melon. With yellow core, with green core, with orange core, juicy or & icircnnăcăcios. For jam, watermelon with a hard core, orange and & icircnnăcăcios is ideal, because the fruits will be kept whole and firm and will not be soaked in syrup. But you can also make jam from juicy melons. You will not scald that one before and you will let it boil less.

  • 1 kg diced melon
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 500 ml of water
  • juice of 1/2 lemon

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Cut the fruit into suitable cubes, but not very small, because they will crumble during cooking.

Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add the watermelon pieces and leave for 3 minutes, then remove.

Separately, put the sugar with water and lemon juice in a pot on the fire. When the sugar has melted, let the syrup boil for 5 minutes, until it binds. Add the watermelon cubes drained and turn off the heat.

Let the jam sit for at least an hour, during which time the fruit will absorb from the syrup. Put the jam back on the fire and simmer for another half an hour, until the syrup binds and acquires a sticky consistency.

Turn off the heat and cover the jam with a damp cloth. When the jam has cooled slightly, you can pour it into sterilized jars.

You have to see it too.

Peculiarities of making melon petal at home

The melon itself is very sweet and juicy, it is ideal for making dry jam. To do this, it is best to choose the most ripe fruits, but not the overlapping ones, with a pronounced aroma.

Before preparing the melon pills, they should be washed thoroughly, despite the fact that the peel will be removed. The removal of all internal seeds and fibers is also mandatory. After all, for the preparation of such sweets you only need sweet, sweet meat.

The dry treatment on leaves can be prepared from melon paste completely crushed in mashed potatoes or finely chopped pieces. The simplest recipe involves drying only the crushed pulp of the fruit. Melon molluscs often proved to be more elastic, adding water and a small amount of sugar.

Advice! To make a dried melon sweeter and less sweet, you can add honey instead of sugar.

1 watermelon (red) about 7 kg (about 1 kg only the white part)

A will be chosen watermelon, not too big (about 7 kg), with a thick shell (to have more white part), then it will be cut into slices 2 fingers thick and each slice is cleaned of the green skin, of the red core, so that only the white part remains .

The melon core can be used for fruit salads or make an instant smothie.

The white part is cut in length, in strips as thin as possible, and the strips in suitable cubes (same as those for quince jam, peaches, etc.).

a pot with boiled water, we introduce watermelon cubes (but enough to boil a little until well penetrated, not to boil), then they are carefully removed with a spatula and drained in a strainer.

Separate into one special enameled pan for jams, put the sugar boil it with the water, se ia foam formed on the edges, and when syrup begins to tie (to make beads), will be added watermelon cubes, stingem fire, letting it sit in syrup about 10-15 minutes ( to better penetrate the syrup and leave the fruit in the juice), then take the boil over high heat until Sweety it's good tied (the test is done with a cold plate or a drop of jam in the glass of water).

Close to final, we will put lemon juice (both for a pleasant color and to avoid sugaring), mixing lightly with a wooden spoon.

Sweety will put hot in washed, dried jars and hot, then to warm bed with lid down, leaving to cool completely for a few days.

Melon jam, just like the other jams, it will keep in pantry in a dry place (not with moisture).


If we want to make a melon jam, it will be chosen with a thin skin, after the fragrant smell of baking (just like pineapple).

Video: Peach Jam Peach Jam without preservatives Homemade Peach Jam Easy cooking and tips (January 2022).