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Adam Richman on the Thrill of Hosting a Kansas City Dinner Party 40 Feet in the Air

Adam Richman on the Thrill of Hosting a Kansas City Dinner Party 40 Feet in the Air

We talked to the TV food personality about Dixie Ultra’s ‘Raising the BARbecue’ event taking place this weekend

Richman is best known for hosting Travel Channel's Man v. Food.

If you happen to find yourself in Kansas City this Saturday, we suggest you make your way down to 18th and Vine by 1 p.m., because Dixie is throwing a party that sounds like a whole lot of fun. In order to prove just how strong their Dixie Ultra heavy-duty plates are, they’ll be securing 10 diners to a picnic table, suspending them 40 feet above the ground, and having five tightrope walkers walk 125 feet carrying two plates, each loaded with two pounds of food, in order to deliver it to them.

Admission is free, and guests will be able to enjoy free barbecue from Q39 (while supplies last) and have the chance to win some cool prizes; doors open at 11 a.m. If you’re not able to attend but still want to get in on the action, you can watch it stream on Facebook Live.

TV personality, cookbook author, and overall food lover Adam Richman (former host of Travel Channel’s Man v. Food) will be on hand to host, and we had the opportunity to chat with him about the event.

“I think if you love the joy and spectacle of fun food events, this is right up your alley,” Richman told us. “I use disposable plates, so I’ve dealt with the breakage and the soggy and the gross, and you can actually see that the proof is in the pudding. It’s going to look cool as heck. I’m excited for it. I mean, you’re in Kansas City and barbecue is involved — the food porn alone is going to make it worth it!”

Even though Richman isn’t walking the tightrope, he’s still happy to just be included. “Thirty-two ounces of food on a disposable plate sounds crazy if you think about a 27-ounce tomahawk ribeye,” he said. “For me that’s something I want to see; the fact they’re letting me be on the squad is cool enough. It’s going to be an exciting thing, and I’m glad I get to watch it!”

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