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From grandma's kitchen - the food of the mowers

From grandma's kitchen - the food of the mowers

These days I remembered a dish that people hired during the day to mow alfalfa in the fields of Transylvania often received at noon, along with a healthy slice of bread made on the hearth and one of fried bacon, accompanied by a carafe. good with cold spring water. Today, neither the "mosses" nor the consistent food served in the shade of the scattered trees on the fields are worn. The cold water hidden on the fields of Tureni, about 20 kilometers from Cluj, remained. This is the last time I ate this dish in my attempt to prove that the townspeople know how to hold the scythe in their hands. It's good that I didn't cut my legs, but I chose the legend of the spring, about which I will tell you on another occasion, when I will show you the wonderful unique, traditional cake that my grandmothers made in these parts of the world. Now I stop at the bean dish, at the "grass meal" so light and yet consistent, only good for these hot summer days.

  • 1.5 kg green beans
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 150 ml of olive oil
  • salt,
  • pepper,
  • ienibahar,
  • Bay leaves
  • parsley

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION From grandma's kitchen - food for the cousins:

1. Wash, clean and cut the green beans and boil them in cold water in which you add salt, peppercorns, allspice and 2-3 bay leaves.

2. After the beans have boiled, drain them and fry them in 50 ml of oil for 5 minutes.

3. At the end, add a garlic mayonnaise and decorate with chopped parsley leaves.

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For the garlic mayonnaise, crush the garlic cloves, add a pinch of salt and rub. Then gradually add 100 ml of olive oil, until you get a consistent, whitish and hot mayonnaise. If it is too thick, dilute it with 1-2 tablespoons of low-fat yogurt


Add the garlic mayonnaise just before serving and add a little. It is preferable to bring it to the table in a bowl from which everyone can put on their plate as they like.


Traditionally, the more garlic there is, the tastier it is. For those who do not eat light, I can add 1-2 slices of fried ham, egg or fried sausage.

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Castravettone is an invention, a summer game like apple soup in coconut milk, a restless one. What do you do when you get bored of eating the same thing twice? Obviously you start crafting, mixing, combining.

It amused me to combine these elements. It turned out what you see, With a good intake of lemon juice - because it's too sweet for my taste - it's only good! It reminds me of the Austrian and Hungarian soups I ate as a child, next to my grandmother's hands smelling incense and lemon salt, because lemon was a rarity at the time, and if I think about it, I didn't really know what it looked like.

All in all, you can eat this spicy soup, sweet-bitter and a little hot, and cold. I preferred it warm. It seems that this is the purpose of a jar of juice, to warm the entrails by their ephemeral passage to human pleasure.

And if I look at her better, she has something of a soul story with locusts of cosânzeana. I'm telling you to take it to your table. If you didn't like it, invent new shapes and flavors. And tell us what you achieved. We will like it!


2 carrots
1/4 celery root
1 onion properly large
1, 1/2 cucumber Fabio
3 potatoes
2. peppers
50 ml oil
1 tablespoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon of chilli flakes
1 bunch of tassel

How come?

1. Peel the vegetables. Onions, carrots, celery, a pepper are fried in oil until the onion becomes glassy.
2. Cover with water and put diced potatoes according to size and spices. Bring to the boil until the potatoes are half cooked.
3. Add the peeled cucumber and cut into large cubes, and bring to a boil.
4. When the cucumber is also boiled, remove the soup from the heat. After cooling, pasteurize the soup with a hand mixer. Add the other half of the cucumber cut into appropriately large cubes and the pepper cut into longer and thicker slices. Bring to a boil, then add the clarified watercress and serve.

Good appetite!

It could be a stand-alone food like summer. I matched him with rice with peas and broccoli (I'll publish his recipe next time, I haven't had a chance to process it as a video yet). It could be a wonderful side dish to polenta, or a slice of bread well baked on the stove and greased with crushed garlic, or even garlic mayonnaise.

When I was little, my mother used to do it often. She was convinced that I needed vitamin A, and there was no shortage of carrots with ripe tomatoes and honey or sugar, depending on what was in the house. I think I hated this food in the first place because it took me half my life to make it myself. But I was not sorry for the attempt. Cheap, easy, enough to fill a crowd, only good when you're in a hurry and don't want to spend an entire afternoon in the kitchen.

Sautee of carrots with chicken


700 gr carrots
1 medium onion
2 teaspoons brown sugar
5-6 boils ienibahar
3 bay leaves
1 cup tomato paste
2 tablespoons pepper paste or donuts
1 teaspoon oregano, basil and marjoram
1 teaspoon pepper
water to cover them a little.

How come?

1. Peel the carrots and cut them into sticks of approx. 1 cm long and thick. Cut the onion into cubes and sauté until soft, then add the carrots.
2. Saute the carrots a little, about 5 minutes, then add the spices and water (about 2 large cups).
3. Boil them on the stove, or put them in the preheated oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes, until the water drops and the sauce binds.

Good appetite!

I don't know if you liked it, but I had a lot of fun (and I had all the stuff for a couple of days) until I made this video. Anyway, enjoy the recipe, have fun cooking and enjoying the peace of the day.


How come? (Let me say no more.)

1. Saute onions, gulia, celery cut into cubes in a tablespoon of oil. When the carrots have softened, add water, salt and pepper and leave to boil.

2. When the above vegetables have boiled, add the diced apples and coconut milk, but also the cloves, thyme and even more salt. Let it boil again. Drizzle it with lemon (apples are not always quite sour) and possibly with salt, if needed.

A princess was once asked what she would prefer: a good ice cream or a hot man. The woman laughed and replied that she would enjoy an ice cream to discover a hot man. The situation is somewhat similar to the urgency that strikes you when you find out that in the next two hours your house is filled with people and you, you are completely uncovered. You have to bury something out of an empty refrigerator and two busy hands. Bonus, it's also very hot and people are paying close attention to what they eat, not the other way around, but we should also get into swimsuits. So the list of options on offer is getting considerably shorter. Thought-rethought-analyzed, and. And here's what came out (to be complete joy, in less than a month, my phone cracked, taking with it all the photos of dishes made and the attempts of videos the god of phones to rest him and you forgive the picture borrowed from shutterstock .com):


How come?

Good appetite!

It's a joy to go back to your loved ones. It really is. And especially after life has crowded you, you have prepared a lot of things to publish, you have gathered, but you have not had time to do exactly what you love most: to write.

But you know very well that this is not the first time, and although I would like it to be the last time I leave blogs for a longer period of time, it may not be the way I want it to be. But let's move on to happier things.

It is said that corn is the jewel in the crown of a South American princess who was looking for her bear among it. Spanish conquistadors. The local shaman, at his father's command, had cursed anyone who would have voluntarily gone after one of the invaders to become a being who would always be close to his loved one, but never a partner. To feel his touch, but not to enjoy it, to be used, but in no case to be able to respond. As his daughter fell with the trunk of the conqueror who had brought iniquity over their land, the shaman uttered the curse, the father looked relentlessly. She was asked what her last wish was: and the girl replied that love is not punishable by death. He was told that in the world of men the pay to love the wrong person is death.

In the blink of an eye, the beautiful girl turns into millions of golden, solar grains, scattered in the sand, all caught in shyly hidden bundles in thick green sheets from which dark locks gushed. Like hers. The hens bent down and enjoyed the moment and were cursed by the king not to fly as far as the world could. I notice that until then, the hen flew like a hawk. It is said that astonished beyond measure, the conqueror took a bundle of "gold of the sand" and made a fortune with it at the court of Jezebel, who always wanted new lands to be her own. For corn, as the sun-loving grains were called, was sweet, consistent, and versatile, to the delight of all in its new world, but no one would ever understand his thirst for love when he took wind-blown locks out of his clothes. and thick and green.

And when she makes this salad for you and you taste it, remember the girl with a sweet and soft heart like the solar and masterless love of the young heart. It is said to rejuvenate (sic!).

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Food from grandma's kitchen. How to prepare tasty "aite pods"

Eating green beans with garlic and tomatoes is a summer dish, tasty, fast and nutritious, which will surely remind you of childhood tastes.

Known in the Transylvania area as "porite pods with porodici", this dish abounds in tasty and savory vegetables, surrounded by the unmistakable aroma of garlic. The recipe of the dish is offered to the readers of "Adevărul" by the well-known chef from Sălaj, Mircea Groza.

Choose the pods, wash them, remove the tips, then break them into pieces of the desired size. Boil them in salted water, along with two celery leaves and three sprigs of thyme. Peel two carrots, two or three parsley roots and a piece of celery root and chop them. Do the same with one onion and three peppers.

In a saucepan put the onion to harden, over low heat, stirring constantly, so as not to burn. Place the vegetables on top, when they have softened a little, add the peppers, as well as two heads of chopped green garlic. Leave them on the fire, to combine the flavors, complete with a tablespoon of flour, a little sweet paprika and three scalded tomatoes, peeled and chopped or put on a large grater. Mix everything and dilute with the water in which you boiled the pods. After the vegetables are cooked, add the green beans, salt and pepper to taste, add a little more water and sprinkle with chopped green dill and possibly parsley leaves. Bring to a boil and the food is ready.

Serve as such, as a vegetarian or fasting dish, or with steak.
Good appetite!

Asian salad with grilled chicken and sauces

From the collection of recipes with values ​​between 200 and 400 calories / serving - the Good Food collection. Asian cuisine (Chinese food) is among the favorites.

5 servings
20 minutes cooking if you have the chicken already fried
352 calories / serving
INGREDIENTS Asian salad with grilled chicken and sauces
1 kg grilled chicken
1 red cabbage, finely sliced ​​core
3 carrots grated long or cut into thin sticks
5 green onions or leeks / thinly sliced ​​diagonally
2 red bell peppers / cut in half and cut into thin slices
little hot peppers (optional)
1 handful of green coriander, medium chopped, including the stems (or 1/4 teaspoon crushed seeds in mortar and parsley for green decoration)
2 tablespoons salted roasted peanuts, medium crushed

S.O.S - original variant 1
31 tablespoons hoisin sauce
11 tablespoons fried sesame oil

S.O.S - variant 2 (which we prepared multiply the quantities by 3 for a whole chicken)
1/3 teaspoon ground pepper
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon sesame oil
2 cloves garlic / grated
1.5 - 2 cm piece of grated ginger

PREPARATION Asian salad with grilled chicken and sauces
I had slices of chicken breast that I fried on the grill on the water (on the stove). When I took them out, I sprinkled them with lemon juice (the Argentine method, advice from Adi Hadean) and I sprinkled them with salt and
ground pepper. I covered it with a lid and let it rest.
Cut the vegetables as I wrote in the ingredients.
Combine cabbage, carrots, green onions, peppers and half of the coriander in a large bowl, mix them with dressing (it would be good to have more for serving, some want to add) and set aside.


On a serving plate, spread a bed of vegetables (1 serving).
Spread 1/5 of broken meat by hand pieces (1 serving).
Sprinkle with stopped coriander (I sprinkled parsley whole leaves for appearance, not having green coriander).
Sprinkle with crushed peanuts.

Liv (e) it!

Necessary utensils in the kitchen: pisalog and mortar

Crushed garlic, spice mixes or crushing food are easier if you have a mortar and pestle.

You couldn't believe that in the third millennium you still needed such an old "gadget" in the kitchen. It is essential if you want a unique taste and a perfect combination of spices. Made of stone, wood, metal or plastic, mortar and pestle are a presence in the kitchens of the world for thousands of years, and now it is back in trend and is stolen from grandma's kitchen.

When to use mortar and pestle?

Why would you need a rudimentary tool when there are blenders, metal presses or electric grinders? Nothing compares to the guacamole sauce prepared with an avocado crushed in a mortar or a pesto sauce in which garlic and basil are lightly ground so that the flavors combine. Mortar and pisalog are necessary if you want to mix, crush or grind. You can put in it herbs, cereals, dried condiments, seeds, nuts or almonds. It depends on your recipe and your inventiveness to decide how much or how often you use them in the kitchen.

Spice combinations

If you like Indian or Thai food, you must have a butcher and a pisalog. The two kitchens use plenty of spice mixes that you can't find in the store, but that you can prepare. This is how you will get that chopped and sweet aroma.

In order not to waste expensive spices, it is good to have a deep mortar for this operation, preferably made of ceramic. Put in a mortar a teaspoon of each spice you want to use. Put the pisalog on top of them and slowly twist it left and right. Gently press the pisalog while twisting it so that you crush the spices. As they crush you will notice that they start to settle on the sides of the mortar.

It removes all the aroma of herbs

When you crush herbs or greens with pisalog, the essential oils they contain are released. Thus, their flavor, when you add them to sauces or other dishes, is stronger than if you finely chop them with a knife.

The method is very good in pressing and grinding any herbs. You can then use them for flavored butters only good to make treats with it pesto sauce it comes out more fragrant if you use a mortar and pestle to crush the chopped fresh basil. But you need a mortar made of rough stone.

Traditional mujda or other surprising dishes

Most often, the mortar and the pisalog are associated with the good mujde to be spread on a steak. It is true, garlic is crushed better with these utensils than with the metal press, and the aroma is stronger. However, there are other uses for the common kitchen utensils. Garlic can be ground and then used for a delicious bread or hardened in a pan for various recipes. You can use mortar and pestle (if you have some larger ones) to make hummus, almond paste, curry paste or guacamole sauce.

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