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Bacon boiled in cabbage juice

Bacon boiled in cabbage juice

Grease the bacon with crushed garlic paste, salt it with plenty of coarse salt and leave it to cool for 2-3 days until the bacon takes the necessary salt, then shake off the excess salt and boil in cabbage juice. to which I added a few peppercorns and a few bay leaves. Keep it boiling until the fork enters it lightly. Then leave it to cool and sprinkle with paprika. freezer.

With a red onion you eat so you don't stop.

Bacon boiled in cabbage juice

Bacon boiled in cabbage juice from: bacon, cabbage juice.


Method of preparation:

The most delicious ham is the one boiled in cabbage juice, because it cuts off all the nauseating taste of the fat, making it pleasant to eat.

Cabbage juice for cooking ham must be fresh out of the barrel, awake, clear and tasty, ie suitable for sour, in no case salty or with a slight odor. We put the cabbage juice in a large pot and, after it has warmed up, we put the whole ham, chilled with smoke with the knife, without adding anything to it.

Let the ham simmer for three to four hours, until the fork immediately enters it through the rind. Then take it out on a clean board, letting it drain well and cool. When we serve it, we clean it of rind and cut it into very thin slices, with a very sharp knife.

Bacon with paprika boiled in a mortar, ie cabbage juice

thin bacon on the back of Ghiță's pulp: D ,, dies (cabbage juice) approx. 2000 ml, garlic approx. 6 puppies, pepper mix (red, white, green, black and coriander) 1 tbsp, bay leaf 1 piece, paprika approx. 50 g

Difficulty: low | Time: 1h 30 min

What are the benefits of cabbage juice

Pickled cabbage has antitumor properties. It participates in the prevention of this pathology. "Through the fermentation process, isothiocyanates play an important role in eliminating carcinogens from the body, sauerkraut glucosinolates help activate natural antioxidant enzymes and flavonoids protect the walls of arteries from oxidative damage," said Florin Ioan Balanica for What Happens, Doctor ?

I recommend in the cold season, when the body is prone to respiratory infections, a cure with cabbage juice, because it is rich in vitamins and minerals that contribute to vitaminizing the body and strengthening the immune system, "said nutritionist Florin Ioan Balanica for CSID. However, it is to avoid excessive consumption in certain circumstances.

"Also, those who have been diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease should avoid excessive consumption, because the high sodium content accentuates the symptoms, which can even aggravate the condition. Patients with thyroid disorders should avoid including it in the menu, because sauerkraut juice can interfere with iodine secretion ", said the specialist Florin Ioan Bălănică.

Also, sauerkraut is a dish that is served in the cold season with sarmale, pork steak, potato dish, beans, smoked cabbage.

Pork leg in cabbage juice


  • a gooseberry
  • two liters of cabbage juice
  • two heads of garlic
  • peppercorns
  • salt

Method of preparation:

Take the pork leg, wash and clean it well, then boil it in cabbage juice together with a clove of garlic.

Add the peppercorns, salt and bring to a boil. Let it simmer over low heat so that its rind does not crack.

When it is ready, take out the goiter, put crushed garlic on it and put it in a tray, then put it in the oven for a while.

If desired, the goiter can be dried, even slightly smoked, so that it can be kept longer.

Gusa fiarta

A simple recipe for boiled goose made from: pork goose breaded with white meat, garlic, salt, pepper, paprika and entrails. Ingredients: a piece of pork leg stuffed with white meat crushed garlic salt pepper paprika entrails Preparation: Cut a piece with a rind of pork leg, about 8 cm thick. […]

Pork stomach stuffed with meat

Clean and wash the stomach, scald it and take the skin from inside it, because it must be very clean. The composition with which you fill your stomach is made of: 2 kg of pork leg meat cut into suitable pieces (cubes) (2 cm), 5 onions cleaned, washed and finely chopped. Add 2-3 thyme thyme, 2 tablespoons paprika, salt […]

Boiled bacon with paprika and garlic

Boiled bacon, with paprika and garlic from: bacon, salt, pepper, bay leaves, paprika, garlic. Ingredients: bacon from pork leg salt to taste 1 tablespoon peppercorns 3-4 bay leaves paprika pepper to taste Preparation: Wash the bacon taken from the pork leg well, let it dry […]

Recipes with sauerkraut juice. How to use it in food

There are a multitude of recipes based on cabbage juice. It is also popularly known as & # 8220mill & # 8221 and is the ingredient used by many housewives to give a sour aroma to some dishes. In what foods can you use it and what do you need to know? This is also good for marinating some fatty meats.

Recipes with sauerkraut juice

Cabbage juice is recommended in the cold season, when the body is prone to respiratory infections. The cure with sauerkraut juice is cheap, useful, easy to keep and is also to the taste of many Romanians.

Bone soup with sauerkraut juice
Potroace soup
Sour bone soup with cabbage juice
Green bean soup
Leek soup with chicken
Homemade sausage soup
Chicken soup
Fishing soup
Bean soup
Pork soup
Egg soup with sausages and cabbage juice
Pork chop in cabbage juice
Kaiser from home
Stewed cabbage
Ham boiled in cabbage juice
Bacon with paprika in pickled marinade
Pea food with cabbage juice

The benefits of regular consumption of cabbage juice. What do the specialists say and to whom is it not recommended?

& # 8220Mineral salts, ferments and enzymes from the fermentation process, as well as vitamin U, the anti-ulcer vitamin, which is destroyed by boiling, turn this juice into a nutritional adjuvant in the treatment of ulcer diseases. Pickled cabbage is also a good probiotic, the food being helped in this sense by lactic acid, which acts as a preservative. In sauerkraut are the so-called "friendly bacteria", which have the role of regulating the intestinal flora. It contains a lot of fiber and therefore helps intestinal transit. Regular consumption of sauerkraut juice can help normalize digestion, but also prevent constipation & # 8221
Florin Ioan Bălănică & # 8211 Source:

CAREFUL! & # 8220Patients with thyroid disease should avoid including it in the menu, as sauerkraut juice can interfere with iodine secretion & # 8221, shows the doctor.

Pickled cabbage juice & # 8211 3 reasons to drink it

We have all heard the famous saying that the cruelest drunkenness passes miraculously with the help of a cup of sauerkraut juice. But is this the only purpose of this sour liquid? Well, no.

Sour cabbage juice is a great remedy in this post-holiday period, especially since many ladies have thought of following a detox as a punishment for the tasty sauerkraut they ate at Christmas.

Cabbage mill, as the juice left by sauerkraut is also known, is excellent for eliminating toxins and at the same time contributes to the vitaminization of the whole body, due to the fact that in this liquid "puddle" most of the vitamins and antioxidants present in fresh cabbage. and other beneficial substances such as mineral salts, ferments and enzymes.

To shorten the torment of curiosity, here it is the 3 most important benefits of cabbage juice:

1. Get rid of the hangover - a cup of cabbage juice taken the day after the alms party that took place the day before works wonders. Goodbye, headaches and vomiting!

2. prevents constipation and facilitates intestinal transit - you can keep a 7-day course of a cup of cabbage juice every morning, and you will notice that your stomach will not revolutionize and you will feel lighter and more energetic.

3. heart dressing - Cabbage juice is especially indicated for those people who suffer from low blood pressure and who need a small "shot" for the blood circulation to be back to normal.

Preparation of pork ham:

The first and only mandatory step (After this step it can be consumed because it ensures the obtaining of the ham. Boiling and smoking are optional, depending on the pleasure of each one) is the brine of the ham. This can be done in two ways: prepare brine from water and salt and cover the ham, well placed and arranged in a bowl, or, secondly, salt the pieces of ham directly. When preparing brine from water, salt and possibly spices, try with a raw egg its salt concentration. When the egg floats, we are sure of the quality of the brine, that it has enough salt, thus ensuring the success of the preparation and preservation of the ham.

I give it salt so that it doesn't run out of ham without salt.

I prefer the second option, because it is more handy, faster. Sprinkle coarse salt on the pieces of ham, without using a specific amount of salt, but enough so that there are no parts of the ham without salt. It is important not to have a little salt because, for a long time, it can be as much. The ham will not be saltier because we add more salt. I place the pieces of ham, one on top of the other (but not crammed) in larger, plastic pans and leave them to cool for 1 to 2 weeks (from experience, because I'm greedy, I tell you that I start to cut a slice, so try, after a week and in approx. 2 weeks is definitely ready & # 8211 (also depends on thickness)). It is good to use plastic dishes, not metal ones. The ham will release water due to the salt and some brine will accumulate in the bowl. This process will stop and no matter how much salt we put in, the bacon will no longer shoot salt because it has reached its saturation point. We reverse every day, we turn the pieces of ham (not to heat up, as our elders say, and take a breath) and if we notice that the salt has melted and is no longer present on the ham, we add a handful of salt.

So, the ham can be eaten after the obligatory salt has done its duty. Eventually, I would sprinkle the paprika on it, of course on the side without the mice. If you like garlic, clean the ham of salt or wash it in cold water, let it dry and put the crushed garlic on the side without crusts. After 3-4 days, the garlic will be removed because it has done its job, left its taste, changed its color and there is no point in keeping it. Furthermore, ham can go up in smoke if we have this preference and possibility. One day he smokes, with cold smoke, of hardwood.

Another option I prepare is to boil the salted ham in cabbage juice. I put the boiled cabbage juice in a bowl with bay leaves and peppercorns. When it boils, I put the pieces of ham in the cabbage juice and quickly turn the heat very low. It is normal that when the ham is put in the boiling cabbage juice, it stops boiling due to the drop in temperature. We simmer and wait for the cabbage juice to boil again. From the moment the boiling process starts again, leave the ham in the juice for 2-3 minutes, then turn off the heat and remove the ham. Basically, it is a short-lived boiling, a scalding, because the bacon becomes more glassy when boiled. We let it cool, dry and we can give it the sweet or hot paprika, according to preference, or we can smoke it.

It is good not to use paprika commercially because it has no value. Rather, we prepare our own paprika or follow the peasants through the market in advance because they also bring homemade paprika for sale. I buy a row of dried peppers, put them in the oven to remove any traces of moisture and then put them in the coffee grinder. This commercial paper looks more like brick dust. Also, the coarse salt must be checked, be it clean, white or use sea salt.

So much for pork ham. Without complications. Along with the ham, I prepared some pork sausages with sheep and pork in their own juice.

Be healthy and get a ham first!

Update & # 8211 Ham this year 20.12.2014 & # 8211 Making

We clean it evenly We cut it into pieces We give him salt & # 8230

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In order for everything to work out perfectly, read the tips first.

Diced pork together with the bacon are passed through the mincer (suitable sieve).
Add the finely ground garlic, salt, pepper, hot paprika, dried thyme and mix until the spices are incorporated.
The seasoning is made according to your tastes.
The special sausage pipe that attaches to the mincer will be called a MUSHROOM!
To make the work easier, I advise you to grease the outside of the Mushroom with a little fat from the bacon.
It is mounted on the special Palnia mincer, taking care to remove the knife from inside the machine that helped us to mince, then we start slowly and carefully to pull on the Palnie during which it was kept in warm water for 30 minutes. ready cleaned).
In order not to pierce the mats, we make sure that the end of the Funnel is slightly chamfered and rounded.
Thus, the mincer is ready (the knife must be removed from the inside) with the special sausage funnel mounted, over which I pulled the pork mat to the end (without knotting it).

We start the mincer (we will use the electric mincer) and when we notice that the composition has reached the top of the funnel we stop it. Now we tie the mat making a knot. We start the machine again adding meat to the mat.
From 12 to 12cm. we take care to turn the mat to form the size of the sausages (they can be formed even after finishing this operation).

After we have finished the composition of the mixture with minced meat, we tie the pork mat, taking care not to leave air inside and we spread the sausages formed in a clean, cool place protected from the sun's rays.

They can be eaten, after 3 days, fried in a pan with a little homemade butter with peasant potatoes.
If you want to keep them for a longer time, I advise you to smoke them after 3 days in the air (cold smoke), then keep them in a cool, cool dark space until they are dry.

Bacon boiled in wine

Bacon boiled in wine recipes: how to cook bacon boiled in wine and the tastiest recipes of ham boiled in wine, brine for bacon, vanilla boiled cream, beef marinated in red wine, turkey liver with red wine.

Bacon boiled in white wine

Appetizers, Jumari a piece of 300-400 g bacon a liter of dry white wine bay leaves peppercorns salt 2 cloves garlic

Boiled bacon

Garlic bacon garlic 2 heads paprika peppercorns, bay leaves salt

Bacon boiled in cabbage juice

Appetizers, Jumari a piece of 300-400 g bacon a liter of cabbage juice bay leaves peppercorns salt 2 cloves of garlic

Bean salad with wine sauce

Salads, Cold salads 1 cup red beans, boiled 1 cup white beans, boiled 1 cup black beans, boiled 250g green beans, scalded 1 small red onion, chopped 1 red bell pepper, cleaned and diced 2 tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped ingredients for the sauce.

Polenta with cheese and fried bacon

Malay flour - 400gr. bellows cheese - 300 gr. bacon - 150gr. salt - an oil powder - 50gr

Breaded thighs and garnish

Potato, White wine, Wine 2 legs 2 cloves of garlic a piece of bacon condiments 1 onion 50 ml white wine pepper for salad potatoes butter cream for puree

Pork bacon jumari

700 g pork bacon with a little meat on it

Wholemeal bread with bacon

1 kg wholemeal flour 20 gr salt 15 gr fresh yeast 600 ml warm water 100 gr sliced ​​bacon

Caltabosi according to the traditional recipe

Meals, Meat dishes, Christmas 1/2 of the liver a kidney 1/2 of the lungs 1/4 of the meat and fat from the pork head 1/4 of the bacon from the throat (goiter) 1/4 of the mice 1/4 of boiled meat 1/2 of spleen pepper allspice coriander

Caltabos (recipe from Silvia Jurcovan's book)

Appetizers, Appetizers with meat 1/2 of the liver, a kidney, 1/2 of the lungs, 1/4 of the meat and fat from the pig's head, 1/4 of the bacon from the throat (goiter), 1/4 of the mice , 1/4 of the boiled meat, 1/2 of the spleen, spices: pepper, allspice, coriander, grated nutmeg or cloves.

Pytt and cream

this recipe is prepared by the Swedes on Monday from what is left in the fridge after the weekend: "pytt in panna = put in the pan" recipe for 4-6 people: 9-12 cold boiled potatoes 300 g of bacon / bacon / fried or boiled meat / ham / salami / sausages or any kind.

Lamb meat with wine and lemon

Meals, Meat dishes 2 kg lamb leg 200 g smoked bacon 1 glass white wine mujdei from a clove of garlic a hand thyme powder ½ lemon salt pepper a cup oil an cup a water

Sarmalute in beef leaves

Meat dishes 1 kg minced pork or pork and beef mixture 4 tablespoons rice 1 cup boiled water or 1/3 1 bunch of dill 3 healthy onions tomato paste to taste 1-2 tablespoons 2 eggs 1/2 l borscht paprika sweet bacon smoked bay leaves or vegeta.

Sarmalute in vine leaves

Meals, Dishes with cabbage ½ kg minced pork or pork and beef mixture 2 tablespoons rice ½ cup boiled water 1 bunch dill 2 healthy onions concentrated broth 1 egg ½ borscht paprika smoked bacon bay leaves 2 teaspoons grated vegetable flour or.

Peas in wine and bacon with Romanian eggs

Meat dishes 1 onion, 3 cloves garlic, tomatoes, 200ml liquid cream, 500gr. Frozen peas, 400gr. Pieces of meat, 100gr. Bacon (bacon with meat, sausage or smoked), 1 dl. White wine, 1lt water (more or less), 2-4 eggs, salt or vegeta, paprika.

Boiled dry bean salad

Foods, Foods with boiled dried beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, olive oil preferably, 4-5 olives, pepper, salt

Honey steak

Food, Steaks a piece of lamb, 3-4 cloves of garlic, spice for lamb and sheep, a few pieces of bacon, a glass of wine, a cup of water cup of oil

Rice pilaf with homemade bacon (ham)

Meals with vegetables 1 cup rice a tablespoon olive oil 1 medium chopped onion (optional) a bunch finely chopped green parsley 1 grated carrot 8-10 slices homemade bacon cut into small pieces 3-4 cloves crushed garlic vegetable soup vegetables in a jar.

Layered turkey salad

Salads 200 gr boiled turkey meat (meat I had) 150 gr boiled carrots 100 gr parsley and boiled celery 100 gr pickles for mayonnaise sauce: 180 gr mayonnaise 80 gr sour cream salt pepper

Hunting turkey

Meals, Meat dish - 2 turkey wings (I use game) - 50gr smoked bacon - 1 large onion - 1 carrot has - 1 parsnip - 300ml sweet white wine - 1 teaspoon thyme - 2 bay leaves - 6-8 peppercorns - 200 ml of sour cream - 2 tablespoons mustard - 1 tablespoon flour (I.

Stuffed muscles

Meat dishes 1 kg muscle 50 g mushrooms 50 g ham another 100 g muscle 100 g liver a piece of bacon a large onion oil / butter for green onions salt pepper flavors a glass of red wine (or you have) grated nutmeg a tablespoon of flour 50 ml cognac.

Turkey with fruit

Meals, Meat dishes a 3 kg turkey, 8 apples, 200g. prunes, 5dl. white wine, 200g. sliced ​​bacon, 1 red onion, 4 slices of bread, 60g. grated cheese, 2 eggs, 3 sprigs of rosemary (or dried), 2 bay leaves, 1 clove of garlic, 40 g. butter, salt and.

Disc grill

Meat dishes 400 gr grilled meat 2-3 chicken meatballs 1 kg potatoes 30 gr pork bacon 200 gr lard 200 ml beer mixed with white wine salt, garlic

Baked pork muscles in orange and wine sauce (own recipe)

1kg pork muscles, 1.5 new baby potatoes, 1 head of garlic 1 onion, thick, pepper, white wine, olive oil, sweet and spicy paprika, parsley, dill, thyme (dehydrated) 2 large oranges, bay leaves, bacon or sliced ​​bacon, 200 g cheese mushrooms.

Honey steak

- a leg of lamb with ribs - 2 onions - a clove of garlic - salt, peppercorns and ground, white wine, vinegar, allspice grains and ground, coriander, cardamom nutmeg, bay leaves, thyme, oregano 3-4 tablespoons mustard 2-3 tablespoons olive oil.

Black bean paste

400 g of black beans soaked overnight and boiled until soft. For the pasta we use a glass of boiled beans 1/3 glass of clean raw tahini 2-3 tablespoons of water the juice of a small lemon or 1/2 large 1-2 cloves of garlic.

Baked rabbit and autumn garnish

Meals, Meat dishes 1 kg rabbit meat 200 ml red wine 100 ml oil 1 large carrot an onion garlic green parsley leaves bay leaves two tablespoons honey peppercorns 100 g smoked bacon 200 g plums 100 g apples 100 g blueberries

White-red bean stew with peppers

Meals with vegetables and greens 800gr boiled white beans 400gr boiled red beans 600gr baked peppers cut into strands (approx.3 peppers) 2 carrots fit a large onion or 2 smaller 3 cloves large garlic 1/2 tablespoon delicate vegetable oil, a powder paprika sweet ground black pepper o.

Jumari and lard

Appetizers, Jumari, Christmas a kg of bacon with a little meat salt

Yellow noodles (yellow noodles)

Dishes with over -150 gr thick noodles -250 gr cuttlefish -2 green peppers -1 onion -1 tomato -2 cloves garlic -100 ml white wine -50 ml oil (I used the remaining canned tuna) -salt , 1 food coloring powder. -2.5 liters of boiled water.

Sarmalute in cabbage leaves

Meat dishes, Christmas recipes ingredients (50-60 pcs.): 0.5 kg meat mixture 0.5 kg meatball 300g smoked bacon (kaizer) 4 kg sauerkraut 240g rice with round grain 0.5 kg onion 200ml oil 200ml dry red wine 125 gr broth a box of tomatoes in dill broth with thyme stem paprika pepper.

Baked rabbit and garnish

Meals, Potato dishes a rabbit, a glass of wine, 2-3 tablespoons oil, carrot, parsley, onion rings, green parsley, bay leaves, peppercorns, smoked bacon and garlic, one two tablespoons of honey, a few split plums, apple slices cleaned of seeds, a.

Pork lard and lard

600 g pork bacon with meat on it salt to taste

Mititei on the gas grill

Meat dishes with small bacon sausages cost everything you want to cook

Grilled chicken and vegetable salad

Eggplant, Zucchini, Soy Sauce 2-3 heads of garlic 2-3 red peppers 2-3 green bell peppers 2 zucchini 2 eggplant 1 small chicken breast (200 gr) 1 red onion 1 white onion 1/2 kg of mushrooms smaller a piece of bacon soy sauce olive oil 1/2 link fresh dill

Muscles in red wine in the oven with chips and lemon sauce

for 4 people: 1 kg pork tenderloin, coarse salt, ground pepper and berries, 6 cloves garlic, 1 tablespoon pepper paste, 2 bay leaves, 1.5 dl olive oil (about 10 tablespoons), 2 dl (12 tablespoons ) red wine, 1 onion.optional slices of chips: 1 kg potatoes.

Risotto with kale, lemon and turkey

Main course 1 tablespoon olive oil butter 1 onion, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, crushed 350g rice risotto 150ml dry white wine 1 liter chicken soup 500g kale 1 lemon - grated peel and a little juice 200g turkey, boiled and broken in pieces 100g parmesan, grated

Biscuit cream cake

Sweets, Cakes a pandispan top (according to the recipe: 5 eggs, 10 lg. Sugar, 5lg oil, 5 lg boiled water, 10 lg flour), cream: 300g biscuits, 250g sugar, 200g butter, 1 cup of coffee (for a stronger taste, I put about 2 tablespoons with ness tip), 150g walnuts.

Meat Spaghetti

Pasta and pizza 1/2 pack spaghetti you can use salami, ham, boiled meat, grilled meat (whatever you have in the fridge) cheese 2 cubes melted cheese 1 bell pepper half onion 2-3 cloves garlic mushrooms fresh or canned 100 g butter paste.

Bacon brine

Preserves and Pickles, Canned salt 150 g coarse salt a head of garlic peppercorns ground pepper bay leaves thyme

Exotic mulled wine

Quince, Quince, Cinnamon o500ml red wine o2 large oranges o1 quince o50g sugar cinnamon

Stuffed buns

Appetizers, Dough sandwiches: 500 g flour 4 tablespoons oil 200 ml beer 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 tablespoon sugar 1 sachet dry yeast filling: telemea salami bacon 1 slice bacon greased 1 egg poppy sesame

Pork cracklings

Meat dishes - 1 kg pork bacon - 1 teaspoon salt - 2 strands of fresh mint - 30 ml oil.

Salted and dried fish broth with baked vegetables

Foods with more than 10 pcs. dry and salted crucian 2 apples 2 pcs. carrot 4 suitable potatoes 2 lemons a bunch of parsley a larger head of garlic or to taste a few bunches of cauliflower (I had cauliflower ready boiled) 100 ml white wine olive oil pepper.

Chinese Soup With Chicken And Corn

Soups, Soups and broths 1l chicken soup 1/4 cup Chinese sauce 1 1/2 tablespoons shao hsing (cooking wine) 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1.5cm piece of fresh ginger, grated 2 cloves garlic, crushed 2 x 410g boxes of creamy corn 3 teaspoons corn 2 cups chicken, chopped and.


Appetizers, Meat appetizers for 5 servings: flour - 400 g butter - 250 g eggs - 7 pieces ribs / smoked bacon - 200 g pressed ham - 150 g cheese - 100 g sour cream - 300 g salt to taste

Shut up and swallow

Meat dishes 1kg corn 250 g telemea 3-4 eggs 200 g butter or margarine 200 g sour cream 250 g sausages and bacon

Mamaliguta with cheese and ham

Foods, Preparations with Malay polenta- 300g water- 1 liter of salted cheese (bellows) - 200g smoked ham (bacon) -100g salt-1/2 teaspoon


Sour cream, garlic yogurt, oil, sour cream, gold maya flour, sweet yogurt for serving bread crumbs, fried bacon or fried sausage (optional)

Salad soup like in Brasov

Soups and broths, Soups 4 pcs. salad, a few pieces of bacon, 500 g yogurt, 200 g sour cream 4 eggs, 2 tablespoons flour, garlic, dill

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